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Minutes of Meeting of Sub-Committee held on December 8th, 1960

Noted;  special reference being made to the following items :-

Minute 978 - Crewe Motive Power Depot (Diesel Locomotives)

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Minute 990 - Cricklewood (Diesel Locomotives and Multiple Units)

Mr.Beatty reported that work was now proceeding satisfactorily and the target competion dates should be met.

The question of provision for an additional Diesel Multiple Unit De Luxe Pullman train was raised and it was agreed that in the light of the present circumstances work on the scheme should proceed in accordance with Plan 'B'.  It was noted that this plan provided scope for modification for dealing with an additional De Luxe train should such a requirement ultimately be found necessary.

It was noted that the St.Pancras (Cambridge Street) outstabling point for diesel locomotives is to be brought into use on 16th January.

Minute 996 - Marylebone Carriage Shed (Multiple Units)

Mr.Beatty reported that although the wet weather had caused some delay work was now proceeding satisfactorily and he had no reason to doubt that the target completion date will be met.


1.  Marylebone Suburban Services

It was noted that the introduction of the two 4-car units (1 working, 1 spare) on the Marylebone/Aylesbury/High Wycombe Services is now scheduled for January 23rd.  In response to a question from the Chairman Mr.Tildesey said that two new units now undergoing trial are to be brought into use.  It was noted that arrangements will be made for all units required for the complete services to be refurbished.

The Chairman explained that in the light of the experience gained with the modified "Derby" type of bogie it had been decided that the 35 4-car sets should be similarly modified.  Mr.Robson, who had been asked to place orders for the material, had intimated that on receipt of this the work could be carried out at a rate of one set per week.

Trains Committee

Meeting 80
29th December 1960

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