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Class 114 Derby 2-car DMUs


Class 114 2nd class seats

Another update from the Lightweights was inside, where seats with lower backs were used in second class as the consensus was that the original high backed style could spoil the view. The moquette pattern is pictured below in more detail. It is thought this was a rich red colour, the light pattern being a light grey and the darker flowerpattern a pinkish red. The vinyl was maroon. The seats were mainly in a 2 + 3 formation, with 2 +2 seating at partitions. As built, both the DMBS and DTC had 43 seats in the centre saloon, the front saloon of the DMBS contained 19 seats, as did the rear saloon of the DTS - which curiously had one 3-seater turned sideways.

Class 114 2nd class moquette

Vestibule partitions for the centre and rear saloons were open with glazed screens. The entrance to the front saloons on both vehicles had sliding doors, the DTC to seperate the first class area, and the DMBS as this was the non-smoking section. Ashtrays were fitted in the back of seats in the smoking sections.

Formica walls and partitions in second class were light green coloured, the joints covered with alloy trim which matched the alloy luggage racks. Vinyl window blinds were fitted, when pulled down the ends located in hooks attached to the hardwood window surround.

First class contained three rows of seats, the front and rear being fixed in the forward direction, the centre set was reversible allowing them to face either direction. Moquette was a leaf pattern commonly used at the time for first class seats in a deep blue colour and gold leaf pattern, and corresponding dark blue vinyl. Curtains were fitted in this saloon.

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