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Class 114 Derby 2-car DMUs


Green with no whiskers

The sets were delivered in lined DMU green (the lighter shade) with no speed whiskers. Unusual for this shade of green, the lion over wheel was carried. All the vehicles except the first set (50001/56001) had white cab roof domes.

They were the first vehicles to have the route indicators, and when delivered this two-character system was not in use, so the were wound to the white part of the blind. This caused a few rumours as to a new kind of warning panel!

Green Class 114 DMU with whisers

Green with whiskers

When whiskers appeared their was a large variety of styles for such a small class. E56019 shows its version at Birmingham New Street on September 15th, 1962, forming the 4.23pm service to Derby. Michael Mensing.

The coaching crest was now carried on the power cars.

Green Class 114 DMU with yellow panel

Green with yellow panel

In the early '60s whiskers gave way to yellow panels, as carried by E50005 on a Peterborough - Grimsby Town service on September 28th, 1965 at Littleworth. Note the odd placement of the blue square on the left. Michael Mensing.

Green with full yellow ends

At least one set was noted in 1969 carrying full yellow ends while still in lined green.

Blue Class 114 DMU with small yellow panel

Rail Blue with small yellow panel

In the late 1960s corporate rail blue livery was introduced, a version included just a small yellow panel. E50001 and E56007 are seen at Firsby waiting to leave for Skegness, July 9, 1969. Steve Davies Collection.

Rail Blue with yellow cab doors

They also carried the other short lived early blue variation which had a full yellow end and also yellow cab doors. A sample picture can be found in the book BR in Colour 1968-1980 by John Glover (page 73).

Jon Stubley has a clear memory of a set in appearing for a few weeks in blue/grey livery around 1967 which he saw more than once. Could this be linked to the set in the Paytrain handbill?

Refurbished Class 114 DMU

Refurbished Livery

Refurbishment saw them in off-white with blue stripe, as is this example at Selby on 12/10/1978, carrying the South Yorkshire PTE logo. Graeme Phillips Collection.

STPTE branded Class 114 DMU

Blue Grey with South Yorkshire branding

Blue Grey started to appear in 1979 and all vehicles seem to have had the SYPTE logo, applied on the drivers side only. This example, 56012 DTC, is seen at Doncaster in 1981. Andy Cole.

Class 114 DMU with BR logo

On the non-drivers side the BR logo was carried. I have found no evidence of this logo being carried on the drivers side. This is driver trailer E54010 in Nottingham Midland station, undated, but being renumbered in the 54xx series means this is 1983 or later. Phil Deane Collection.

Unbranded Class 114 DMU

Blue / grey, no branding

No branding is carried on thid DTS, presumed to be 54008, in Derby station, circa 1988. Malcolm Clements.

West Midland Class 114 DMU

Blue Grey with WM cab markings

Set T231 carried the West Midlands on the cab front on both vehicle (54006 / 53036) when seen at Derby Midland station, circa 1988. Malcolm Clements.

WM Class 114 DMU

Blue Grey with WM bodyside markings

Class 114 53037 (T232) awaiting disposal at Snailwell in February 1991 is carrying the WM logo on the bodyside. Surface Stock.

Midland Class 114 DMU

Blue / Grey with Midline markings

Carrying Midlline branding on the side in DMBS 53021 at Tyseley on 02.04.1988. Note also the red bufferbeams. Andy Cole.

10th Anniversary Class 114 DMU

Coffee and Cream with anniversary markings

One set (53045/54004) was painted into SYPTE's coffee and cream colours in 1984, and pictured at Rotherham that year. Eastwestdivide. The mid-body panel celebrated the "10th Anniversary of South Yorkshire Transport 1974 - 1984".

SYPTE Class 114 DMU

Coffee and Cream without markings

Following the anniversary the markings were removed in 1985 but the vehicles keeping their distinctive colours. Seen at Sheffield on July 27, 1985. John Carter.

Parcels / Non-passenger liveries

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