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Class 122 Gloucester RC&W Single / 2-car DMUs


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122 DMU


5th August 1985
A rare sight of a Gloucester RC&W Class 122 Single Unit, M55006 coupled to the rear of a 2-Car Class 108 departing from Croston with an Ormskirk to Preston service on August 5th 1985. Newton Heath Depot had a pair of Class 122s allocated for use on the Stockport to Stalybridge services, but the appearance of one on the Ormskirk Line was almost certainly a one-off. The former Jubilee Mill complex that forms a backdrop here has now been demolished and replaced with houses. Martyn Hilbert.

122 DMU


3rd June 1978
Hamilton, Glasgow based Class 122 DMBS SC55007 is inside BREL Glasgow Works on the 3rd June 1978 high up on accommodation bogies undergoing a major refurbishment with the plating around the original 2 panel route indicator clearly visible. Transferred to Departmental service in December 1983 as TDB977223 she was finally scrapped at BREL Glasgow Works during June 1991. Bob Woolnough.

122 DMU


3rd June 1978
A view across the traverser inside BREL Glasgow Works on the 3rd June 1978 finds Class 122 DMSL SC55007 undergoing refurbishment in between an unknown Class 107 and a Class 101 driving car. An Ayrshire based Class 126 DMSL driving vehicle is on the far right of the image. Bob Woolnough.

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Thanks to Chris Foren and Alan Rintoul for additional information.

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