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Derby Lightweight (Yellow Diamond) 1, 2 & 4-car DMUs

Lincolnshire sets

Thirteen power trailer sets

Number Type Diagram Lot. No Region Seats Weight
79021 - 79033 DMBS 504 30126 E 56 27t
79613 - 79635 DTCL 505 30127 E 16 / 53 21t

The first Lincolnshire set, 79021 + 79613, left Derby C&W at 11.30am on January 24th 1955 and arrived at Lincoln loco shed at 1.16pm. The next set, 79022/79614 (pictured in the official image above) was trialed on the Wirksworth branch on the same day. By mid-February there were three sets at Lincoln, they were kept in the MS&L loco shed site near Durham Ox Jct..

At the time they were making trial runs to determine the most suitable routes for their use, and to allow staff training.

A new depot would be built for the sets, as well as for diesel shunting locos. The steel frame shed would have three roads, two with pits for underframe work. There was a large lineside sign advertising the construction, in the image three Derby Lightweight sets can be seen in the background.

By Easter 1955 nine sets were now in the area, 79021/79613 to 79029/79621. About mid-May they were joined by three more sets which had been operating BIF services at Castle Bromwich.

Towards the end of March, units were working on public services between Lincoln, Cleethorpes and New Holland, Lincoln - Skegness, Lincoln - Boston and Boston - Grantham. They were gradually introduced to traffic, working selected routes from the start of the summer 1955 services on the 13th June. It was thought that it would be September before they would be operating fully.

On the 10th June 1955 E79024/79616 and E79027/79619 were noted working a service at Ipswich.

In July 1955 79031/2/3 were loaned to the West Riding, and another was in shops after a collision. To compensate, 79036/40/2/3 were loaned from the Norwich district, although 79036 also subsequently also went onto the West Riding. Their trailers, 79252/6/8/9, did not contain 1st class accommodation and so were stored at Bardney. The vehicles returned from Bradford in November.

Grantham Derby Lightweight

The image shows E79026 on the back of a Boston service seen at Grantham, date unknown. Stuart Mackay Collection.

79022/79614 were noted passing on the main line at Barkston, August Bank Holiday Saturday 1956. It was working the regular SO diagram - 8.00am, 12.08pm and 4.15pm from Grantham and the 10.12am, 1.30pm and 6.30pm from Doncaster.

In August 1956 the Derby Lightweight allocation at Lincoln was still 79021/79613 to 79033/79625, working about the county including the Grantham, Louth, Grimsby and Barton-on-Humber areas. This was about to change with the arrival of Cravens and Derby Heavyweights.

The first to leave were 79021-3 and 79613-5 to Norwich in September / October 1956. In February 1957 a new arrival at Lincoln was 79034 + 79250 transferred from Stratford.

In April 1957 79024-33 and 79616-25 moved to Gorton, followed by 79034 + 79250 in June, ending the short use of Derby Lightweights at Lincoln.

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