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1.  Programme of Diesel Multiple Unit operation  (Contd.)

(b)  Works Building Programme, 1961

Mr.Robson referred to the 228 vehicles to be built in 1961 and said that, whilst appreciating the Commission's decision that after the 1960 building programme no more multiple units would be sanctioned in advance, and that only individual schemes would be accepted, it was quite impracticable for the works programme to be formulated under these conditions as the dates for the submission of the schemes covering the 228 vehicles were much too far ahead.  Mr.Robson explained that the 228 vehicles would not meet the full works programme for 1961 and it was essential that the requirements for diesel units in relation to the requirements for coaching stock be made known quickly, otherwise difficulties would arise in regard to complement of staff, ordering of components, etc.

Occasions had arisen in the past on which diesel vehicles, owing to delayed ordering, had not been available when required for schemes to be introduced and it was essential that this should not recur in regard to the schemes for which the 228 vehicles were required.

It was decided that the Commission be advised of the 1961 requirement of 228 vehicles, together with anticipated dates of submission of the individual schemes, and asked if the vehicles could be provisionally included in a building programme in advance of the submissions.

(Note:  Subsequently the Chief Mechanical Engineer, B.T.C., stated he would put the list forward but could not hold out any promise that it would have any practicable effect without the particular schemes.)

2.  Allocation of units being built at Derby and by Contractors

Revised schedule of allocation attached as Appendix 'B'.


1.  Buckingham - Banbury Services

Noted that the proposal for the withdrawal of the passenger train service, without the provision of an alternative bus service, was still awaiting consultation between Mr.Arkle and Mr.Sinclair of the B.M.M.O. Company.

2.  Bedford - Hitchin - Northampton Services

Noted that arrangements had been made for the three rail buses from these services to be transferred to the Scottish Region on February 6th after certain modifications at Wolverton works.

Mr. Johnson reported that the case for the withdrawal of the passenger services was still proceeding.

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