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Minutes of Meeting of Sub-Committee held on December 17th, 1959

Noted.  The urgency of the submission of the scheme for Lostock Hall was stressed, and Mr Grainger would investigate.


1.  Marylebone Suburban Services

(a) Marylebone Carriage Shed

Mr. Lawrence stated that a thorough re-examination had been made of the requirements for this depot, and it was quite clear that, even with the absolute minimum of facilities necessary to operate, an expenditure of at least £225,650 (subject to confirmation by the Chief Civil Engineer) would be required, this being £38,650 over the original estimate of £187,000.  In order to reduce the cost of the original scheme, practically all the improvements originally contemplated for internal cleaning and servicing of trains had been cut out or drastically reduced and the facilities would be well below present-day standards.

Messrs. Gould and Lawrence considered that, as authority would be required for the additional expenditure of £38,650, it would be advisable instead to seek authority for the original additional expenditure of £103,000, and it was agreed to recommend that authority be sought for the latter amount.  It was appreciated there could be no certainty that the B.T.C. would agree to this additional expenditure.  Planning Officer to prepare the submission in conjunction with Departments concerned.

It was also agreed that, in the meantime, development of the scheme should proceed under the original authority of £187,000.

(b) Commencement of Service

A revised proposed timetable suggested by the D.T.S. was considered and, having regard to the difficulties experienced with the St.Pancras suburban service and the uncertainty regarding the completion of the servicing and fuelling facilities at the carriage shed, it was agreed to accept the timetable shown below.

Inaugural run To be decided when the firm completion date for the maintenance depot is known.
Gradual introduction in steam timings when sufficient maintenance facilities are actually available.

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