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1.  Marylebone Suburban Services   (Contd.)

(b) Commencement of Service   (Contd.)

Introduction of (a) complete diesel multiple unit service in diesel timings on the High Wycombe line; (b) diesel multiple units in steam timings on the London Transport Executive line (except for a small number of peak services which will continue to be loco-hauled), and (c) diesel miltiple units on Amersham/Aylesbury shuttle service.
Commencement of summer timetable 1961, provided complete maintenance facilities are available.
Complete operation of the full scheme. March,1962

As delivery of the vehicles would commence in February, 1960, it was agreed that these be temporarily worked in other parts of the country, e.g. Liverpool - Manchester services and the St.Pancras suburban scheme, and Mr.Gould would arrange.  The vehicles would be returned to Marylebone to work in steam timings as soon as sufficient servicing and fuelling facilities were available.  It was agreed that whilst the vehicles were operating on the St.Pancras suburban services, the first class accomodation be dropped.

It was also agreed that the Western Region and L.T.E. be advised forthwith of the revised schedult for dates of operation.

(c) Publicity

Agreed that no publicity be given to the new services at this time.

2.  Wrexham (C) - Chester (Northgate) - New Brighton Scheme (North Wales Part 3)

Noted that Commission approval now received.


1. North East Lancashire (Manchester Part 3)

Noted that scheme approved by Area Board and still awaiting Commission authority.

2. Manchester (Central) - Liverpool (Central) Express Services (Manchester Part 8)

Noted that scheme approved by Area Board and still awaiting Commission authority.

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