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Class 100 Gloucester RC&W 2-car DMUs


None were refurbished, and the DTC(L)s were later declassified to DTS(L). Withdrawals commenced in 1972, and initially concentrated on trailer vehicles, leaving the DMBSs to be formed into hybrid sets. By 1980 the ER had lost its allocation, either to the LMR or by withdrawal. When the 1983 50xxx to 53xxx renumbering happened there were only 9 vehicles remaining.

The last survivor in passenger use was DMBS 53355 which ran with the last Class 105 53812 as Newton Heath`s N699 set. Withdrawn in June 1989, interest was shown in it by the NRM, but it was damaged by vandalism while in store, and subsequently scrapped at Vic Berry`s in early 1991.

53355 and 53812 are seen in the first image, at Manchester Victoria on the 22nd March 1986. Paul Moxon.

In the second image the pair, now labelled N699, at Stalybridge on the 11:xx shuttle to Stockport, 18th June 1988. Gazza Prescott.

56310 has Class 129 55998 for company at Cohen's at Kettering in the final image, on the 11th August 1979. Neil Cannon.

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