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Class 100 Gloucester RC&W 2-car DMUs


Noted heading north through Preston towards Edinburgh on 17/12/57 were 51117 / 56309, on the 19th 51118 / 56310, and 51119 / 56311 one week later on the 24th.

The introduction to the Edinburgh District local services was postponed from the 6/1/58 to the 3/2/58 on the Costorphine - North Berwick and Waverley - Galashiels (via Peebles) services. The Princes St - Leith service was also postponed from the 6th January to a later date. The ScR ran a special newspaper advertising campaign for the introduction.

One of the sets was put on public exhibition at Edinburgh Waverley on the afternoon of Jan 28th 1958, attended by Sir Ian Bolton, chairman, and members of the Scottish Area Board, and James Ness, General Manager of the ScR. The ScR PR deptartment issued an illustrated brochure "Introducing the new Diesel Railcars Edinburgh Suburban Service" to introduce the new diesel railcars to the public. It included a series of diagramatic maps outlining the five Edinburgh suburban lines over which the new sets would progressively run when delivered and placed in service, as well as mentioning some features of them such as the power units, heating arrangements and views from the windows!

Class 100 exhibit Edinburgh Waverley 1958

The photograph was taken the day following the exhibition, the 29th January.

The Edinburgh sets were to provide a more frequent service, particularly during peak hours, and were expected to cover a total of 1,000,000 miles a year, double that provided by the steam trains they replaced.

From 3/2/58 they began an hourly service between Costorphine and North Berwick (which had Edinburgh Waverley as an intermediate stop), at the 30min past the hour from North Berwick from 07:30 to 21:30 (except 08:15, 16:41, 17:33 and 18:35). In the reverse direction departures from Costorphine were mainly at 10 or 15 mins past the hour, but from Waverley at a more uniformly 30 mins past. On most services timings were accelerated.

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