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Class 105/6 Cravens 2 & 3-car DMUs


AEC-engined cars faced early condemnation or were re-engined with Leyland units. A reasonable amount passed to parcels and departmental use.

They were not included in the refurbishment scheme. Withdrawals took place in earnest in the early '80s, with Norwich becoming the last bastion of operations. All passenger vehicles were withdrawn by 1988 except one, 53812, becoming a bit of a celebrity surviving many more months than the rest paired with the last surviving Class 100 car, 53355. It was finally withdrawn in June 1988.

The image shows 53812 with Class 100 53355 in Manchester Victoria 22/3/86. Paul Moxon.

ER cars spent a spell at Holmes Yard in Lincoln awaiting scrapping.

The NRM had shown interest in 53812, which had been asbestos stripped by BR, partnered with Class 100 53355. Lack of space prevented the pair from being claimed when withdrawn, so they were stored for a long period at Crewe Carriage shed. Unfortunately during this time the two asbestos free vehicles were badly vandalised and the substantial amount of repairs needed deterred the NRM from taking them. They moved to Derby Etches Park in 1990 then on to Vic Berry's in Leicester for disposal.

The West Somerset Railway bought 51485 / 56121 from the ER in spring 1982. The unit made its journey to the line via Derby for tyre turning, Bristol and Bridgewater.

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