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Class 105/6 Cravens 2 & 3-car DMUs


These are some of the accidents that are known to involve Class 105s.

15/10/59 - Smedley Viaduct Signal Box, near Manchester, LMR.

involving Class 105 / Steam

Info from Bill Read

Class 105 in collision with steam locomotive 45101. Car numbers not identified. 6 persons required hospital treatment. A power-twin Cravens unit travelling from Manchester Victoria to Rochdale came into head-on collision with 45101. The driver was fortunate to have been thrown out of the DMU by the impact, as the cab was destroyed and the underframe distorted. Interference with signalling equipment, probably by children, caused the signal passed by the DMU to display a yellow aspect, instead of a red one.

16/07/61 - Singleton Bank (near Weeton), LMR

involving Class 105 / Class 113

Info from Bill Read and Andrew Dyson

Class 105 power-twin (leading) + 2 x Class 113 units (cars not identified) struck the rear of a stationary ballast train which had been carrying out track work. Seven persons killed and 116 injured. The first three cars were severely damaged.

15/02/69 - Catholme Level Crossing, LMR

involving Class 105 / Tractor

Info from Peter Mullen

A tractor drove into the path of a DMU.

26/05/76 - Watford, LMR

involving Class 105 / Class 85

Info from

On the early hours a BRUTE fell of the platform which derailed M56147 which was then hit by 85 022 travelling light engine causing serious damage to the DTC.

Images on page 117 of 'Railway Disasters' by Stanley Hall

26/7/86 - Lockington Level Crossing, ER

involving Class 105 / Class 114

Info from Bill Read

Collision of Class 105 + Class 114 with a Van on crossing. E54434-E51278 + E53016-E54034. 9 people killed and 59 people required hospital treatment. The van drove onto the crossing against flashing lights and was struck by the DMU. E54434 derailed and ran down the embankment, turning through 180 degrees before coming to rest on its side. All vehicles were badly damaged due to destruction of the track.

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