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Class 105/6 Cravens 2 & 3-car DMUs


The sets were delivered in DMU green with cream lining. The first vehicles did not have whiskers, but were soon added.

Green with whiskers

The 18:08 Aberdeen to Ballater seen at Park station, 19th May 1959. Hamish Stevenson

Green with yellow panel

The whiskers gave way to yellow warning panels on the lower cab front, often still with red buffer beams and grey roofs. Vehicles from E50379 on were delivered new with the blue square added, earlier vehicles had it applied soon after they started appearing. The ER batch one sets with route indicators (50370-4 / 56125-9) all had a yellow panel by June '57.

The image shows the 2:15pm to St. Combs awaiting departure from Fraserburgh on 24th April 1965. Hamish Stevenson

In the last days of green at least one ScR set had a full yellow end, and their sets would also carry a yellow first class stripe in green.

The sets would have the letters LW painted above the buffer beam, either in white on the blue square or latterly in black on the yellow.

Blue Class 105 at Sudbury

Early Blue Variations

In the late sixties all-over rail blue became the standard. In the initial period of this livery some received just small yellow panels, the BR logo on the cab doors and red buffer beams, and others then had full yellow ends wrapped round to include the cab doors. The image shows an example of the latter, a down train arriving at Sudbury in June 1969. David Underwood

Standard Rail Blue

A 2 car unit with E56444 closest is seen at Sheffield Midland, 10-1-73. Note the interesting route indicator display. John Reddyhoff

Many Stratford units operating in the East London area until electrification in May '86 appeared with white cab roofs.

Blue Grey

The ScR was unique in painting some cars in blue and grey. Its hybrid set number 204 features a Class 105 DMBS in Blue and Grey with a Class 101 centre car in refurbished livery and DMS in blue and grey. Seen at Cadder on the 5th April 1980. Hamish Stevenson

Class 105 Billboard

The Rolling Billboard

One set, after being withdrawn from passenger use became a mobile billboard, painted in advertisements. Vehicles 50759/50792 were partially repainted at Chester diesel depot in late 1981, with red lower panels beneath a thick white band. It was to promote new "London Saver" tickets, and "London Saver" appeared in large letters on the red sides, as well as some slogans and specimen fares from the Cambrian line and North Wales area on the white stripe. Each saloon window had large posters with details of the offers.

The promotion was arranged by BR's Stoke Division management team and the set was first used on Monday 3rd November 1981 coupled to the 10.42 from Shrewsbury to Aberytswyth. The Class 105 vehicles were not for passenger use. The marketing team travelled on the train and handed out leaflets at stations en-route. On the return the vehicles were detached at Machynlleth to do the Pwellheli section the next day. That week it also covered the Cambrian Coast, North Wales and Conwy Valley lines. On the 22nd March '82 it attended the opening of the new Blaenau Ffestiniog station. By Sep '82 the vehicles were at Carlisle Kingmoor for the stripping of useful parts.


In April 1986 vehicles 53359 (the first built) and 54122 were repainted into original lined green livery by Stratford. The buffers and cab window surrounds were picked out in silver (they were originally polished), and the buffer beams were red. Because the vehicles had to have a yellow panel - this was below the lower cream stripe and extended round to stop at the cab doors - speed whiskers were added in black. It had a pale grey roof, and the crest was only applied to the left hand coach. For a time it also had a red band above the cab windows which extended up to the rainstrip and around the destination box. Pictured at Wolverton Works, 1/10/88. Robert Frise

Express Parcels

The parcels conversions were all standard blue, and at least one pair (including 53369) had the Parcels Sector waist band of yellow above red, and some had "Express Parcels" lettering on the side.

The image shows 53369 (closest) and 53367 at Leeds City on the 20th June 1987. Hamish Stevenson

Route-Learning Class 105


At least one of the vehicles (977126) converted for route learning duties on the ECML York diversion had large white lettering on the side "Route Learning Saloon" and underneath in smaller text "Chief Operating Manager". It retained it's all-blue livery. Peter, LEYTR

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