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Class 105/6 Cravens 2 & 3-car DMUs

Operations - Batch Four and Five

ER power trailer sets - DMBSs 51471/2 & 56460/1

The two ER sets went to Lincoln, to join the batch three vehicles there.

ScR power trailer sets - DMBSs 51473 - 94 DTCs 56462 - 83

The ScR cars were delivered to Kittybrewster, except the final one. They were introduced to the Buchan lines - between Aberdeen, Peterhead & Fraserborough, and Fraserborough & St Combs on the 15th June '59. They also worked the services to Ballater on the diagram opposite the Battery Multiple Unit.

The final set was delivered to Hamilton in June '59, and the same month 51482-93 (& trailers) were transferred there from Kittybrewster. However, some of the ScR worked about the Glasgow area before being introduced up north.

The first 'passenger' train to traverse the Slateford - Craiglockhart was a 2-car Cravens conveying the Scottish Area Board of the BTC on the 19th March '59.

Easter Monday '59 saw the ScR operate the famed 'Six Lochs Diesel Land Cruise' from Glasgow Buchanan St. via Callander, Killin and Crainlarich to Glasgow Queen St. Low Level. It was composed of four 105 twins, and proved so popular that a relief had to be provided, comprised of a further two sets and a Met-Camm, and they ran the circuit in the opposite direction, via Balornock and Partick West, but did not call in at Killin.

On Sunday 12th June '59 a 'Six Lochs Diesel Land Cruise' ran from Ayr and stations to Dalry. It was composed of two Met-Camms and one Craven twin. This apparently was not to the liking of a few passengers who expected one of Ayr's Inter-City sets which mainly sat idle on a Sunday.

On the 20th June '59 the 'Six Lochs Diesel Land Cruise' was operated by four Cravens twins, running from Strathaven via Helensburgh.

The 'Six Lochs Diesel Land Cruise' actually ran every summer Sunday that year, running from Glasgow to Callander, Killin and Crainlarich, although the sets used week to week could vary. The fare of 10/- made it very popular, and even in bad weather two trains were required. the normal motive power was four twin sets for each train, supplied by Hamilton.

On the 6th July '59 three diesel trains, made up of six and eight vehicles, started operations from Hamilton shed. They covered a number of business trains from the Hamilton area to and from Glasgow and also made runs to East Kilbride, the Cathcart Circle, Uplawmoor line etc.

A diesel service operated between Glasgow Central Low Level and Kelvin Hall stations to augment the sparse regular service during the Scottish Industries Exhibition in September 1959. Hamilton provided a Craven twin set for this. The journey took four minutes and provided an immense contrast with the filth of the steam journey through the tunnels.

On 19th January 1960 the 09:17 Fraserborough to Aberdeen became blocked by a snow drift just north of Newmachar station during the worst blizzard conditions the area had seen for years. The 57 passengers were stranded for fifteen hours, although heat and light were provided at all times. A railway district inspector in a Land Rover reached the train by road. He contacted a bakery who were able to bring food to the passengers. A steam relief train which got to 1/4 mile from the DMU took the passengers off the set at 04:00, and followed an engine and snowplough the 12 miles into Aberdeen, arriving at 06:30. Local helicopters had been contacted, although they could not fly on the 19th because of the weather and would have had to wait until daylight the following day.

Around about October '60 the BMU was absent from the Ballater line for a period, it's workings were covered by a Gloucester or Craven.

At 1965, the Hamilton sets were 51481-92/4 + 56470-81/3, working the South Clyde locals from Glasgow Central, the remaining sets were still at Kittybrewster. Many of the lines in the North of Scotland soon closed though and the sets were transferred to the 'lowlands' to Leith, Haymarket and Hamilton. In 1978 a couple were allocated to Tyseley. Scotland got rid of all its power/trailer combinations fairly early, and the 105 DTCs were transferred South, to places such as to Heaton (HT).

Batch Five

Spare vehicle DMBS 50249

50249 was delivered to Darlington, and by the time it was withdrawn it had also been allocated to Cambridge & Norwich.

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