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(b) Moorgate service

Mr. Baker explained that owing to unforseen circumstances there had been some delay in the modification of six Sulzer diesel locomotives at Crewe Works but be now anticipated that three would be completed in June and the remainder by the end of July, 1960.  The Chairman said that all possible steps must be taken to get this service right in view of the reaction to the St.Pancras trains.

(c) Diesel Parcels Vans

Noted that the C.M.& E.E. had the question of re-wiring in hand with the manufacturers.

2. Watford - St.Albans Service

The Chairman pressed for the investigation into the future use of the 3-car A.C.V. units to be expedited.  It was stated that the accomodation at Watford now occupied by the units was required in connection with the re-construction of the Goods Depot and Mr. Howes will give the matter special attention.

3. Traffic Receipts

(a) Statements of receipts for February, 1960 attached as Appendix "A".

(b) Traffic receipts compared with anticipated receipts for schemes in operation - Noted that report would be ready for discussion at next meeting.


Noted that the new Midland Pullman Service between Manchester and St.Pancras would commence on Monday, July 4th.

Exhibitions and inaugural runs were being arranged as follows:-

Wednesday, June 22nd, Marylebone (Platform 4)
  (L.M. 6-car train)

10.0.a.m. to 3.30.p.m. B.B.C. sound and television and
I.T.V. and newsreels

Thursday, June 23rd, Marylebone (Platforms 3 and 4)
  (L.M. 6-car train)
  (W.R. 8-car train)

10.30.a.m. to 12 noon. Press inspection and demonstration run.
12.45.p.m. to 1.30.p.m. Inspection by B.T.C. General Staff,
 Regional General Managers and Chief
 Officers of the B.R.C.S.
2.30.p.m. to 3.30.p.m. Other Officers and staff of B.R.C.S.
 and Regions and other invited guests.

Friday, June 24th

  Inspection and demonstration run for Metro-Cammell.

Tuesday, June 28th

  Demonstration run for ticket agents - St.Pancras to Leicester.

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