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Min.813 - Cricklewood (Cont'd)

the possibility of speeding up the work at Cricklewood, as there was an urgent need for facilities for main line diesel locomotives.

Min.815 - Derby Etches Park

Noted that the transfer of diesel multiple units from Toton had not commenced, but the matter was under consideration.

Min.817(a) - Newton Heath

Noted that the North Eastern Region had been appproached regarding the maintenance of the Todmorden units on that Region, and a reply was awaited after receipt of which the maintenance requirements at Newton Heath would be re-assessed.


   1. Marylebone Suburban Service

(a) Marylebone Carriage Shed

Mr. Reynolds stated that a special meeting had been held on the previous day, as a result of which the additional facilities originally planned for Barge Sidings had been eliminated from the scheme, and it was now hoped that a revised scheme would be submitted to the June meeting of the Area Board.

Mr. Martin said that although every effort would be made to bring forward the C.C.E's portion of the work, the position at the moment was that the tenders were under investigation and a full year from the commencement of the service would be required for completion.

   2. Manchester Part 3 (North East Lancashire)

Noted that Commission approval had been given.

   3. Manchester Part 8 (Manchester (C.)-Liverpool (C.) Express Service)

Noted that Commission approval had been given.

   4. Manchester Part 9 (Manchester (C.)-Northwich-Chester (Northgate)

Noted that Commission approval had been given.


   1. Birkenhead (Woodside)-Helsby-Chester (General)

Noted that scheme approved by Area Board and awaiting Commission authority.


   1. St.Pancras Suburban Services

(a) General Position.

Mr. Baker reported that difficulty was being experienced in obtaining supplies of modified final drives, but the matter was in hand with the Commission and Messrs. Rolls Royce.  No failures had occurred with the modified final drives already fitted, and the position in that respect was very encouraging.

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