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    1. St.Pancras Suburban Services (Cont'd)

(b) Removal of armrests

Noted that instructions have now been given for the entire gangway seat ends to be removed and the seats modified to bring the St.Pancras units into line with the Marylebone units at a cost of £14,900.

(c) Moorgate service

Mr. Howe stated that a full investigation had been made into the possibility of operating this service by diesel multiple units, and as this would involve alterations to the tunnel clearance or modification to the diesel multiple units, it had been decided to wait until Sulzer diesel locomotives were available.

Mr. Baker said that six Sulzer diesel locomotives were being modified at Crewe Works, and it was hoped that the first would be complete by May 23rd and the remainder by the end of June.

(d) Diesel Parcels Vans

Mr. Lawrence reported that difficulty was being experienced with the diesel parcels vans, three being out of service.  Mr. Baker stated that this was due to electrical faults, and the matter was being investigated.

(e) Overspending on conversion of goods lines etc.

Noted that Departmental submission now received and expected to be considered by June meeting of the Area Board.

    2. Watford-St.Albans Service

Noted that the possibility of using the 3-car A.C.V. units as Staff trains between Annesley Motive Power Depot and Bulwell was still under investigation.

Mr. Reynolds said that the Commission had now raised the question of the ultimate use of the units and asked for the mater to be given special attention by the Operating Officer.

It was noted thas the Chief Civil Engineer could find no use for the units.

    3. Traffic Receipts

(a) Statements of receipts for December, 1959 and January, 1960 attached as Appendix "A".

(b) Traffic receipts compared with anticipated receipts for schemes in operation.  Noted report from Mr. Johnston and comments from Executive Investigation Office and agreed that Messrs. F.W. Baker, Horner and Johnson consider and report.


Mr. Baker stated that, with the object of improving the riding of these trains, modifications had been made to the bogies of three of the cars, and a trial was being run to-day to assess the affect of these alterations.  Trouble was also still being experienced with the brake gear.

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