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Class 101 Met-Camm 2,3 & 4-car DMUs


The interiors of the passenger saloons remained pretty standard throughout the builds with only minor changes. All walls and partitions were formica covered, with painted hardboard ceilings. Floors were lino covered and carpeted in first class. Luggage racks were first alloy frame with string rack until an all alloy rack was introduced part way through production. Tungstem lighting used the standard silver ringed lamp shades.

Through the years there were a variety of formica colours used, as shown in the table below.

Orders   1st class 2nd class Vestibule
2a - 2f Light green Light green Light green
2g - 2k Light blue Light green Light green
2l Cream /buff Cream /buff Cream /buff
2xa Light blue Light green Light green
3 Light blue Light green Light green
4 & 5 Grey / off-white   Cream /buff   Cream /buff
Class 101 interior

From a Met-Camm publicity brochure - a rare colour interior photo, although possibly a B&W pic that has been 'colourised'. One of the earlier cars, as it has string luggage racks, which are stained maroon. The alloy beading had the centre section painted maroon.

The TBS(L) vehicles had a small corner caged area a handbrake wheel in the van (DMBS vehicles had the handbrake in the cab).

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