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Class 101 Met-Camm 2,3 & 4-car DMUs

Introduced: 1956
Coupling code: Blue Square
Underframe: 57ft 6in
Engines: AEC 150hp (Class 101) or Leyland 150hp (Class 102)
Transmission: Mechanical

Class 101

One of the most numerous and widely used types, built for the ScR, NER/ER and LMR, later also based in WR with access to the SR. They were further builds of the earlier yellow diamond Met-Camms with the updated blue square coupling code. Including these early types and the more powerful Rolls-Royce engined variants (Class 111s) a total of 760 Met-Camm vehicles were built.

When class numbers were introduced the vehicles were initially divided into Class 101s (the vehicles with AEC engines) and Class 102s (those with Leyland engines). Later the classes were rationalised with all becoming Class 101s.

The type was used as the testbed for refurbishment scheme in the 1970s, which led to many types being given a life-extension at a time when BR had no replacements for the ageing vehicles.

Many sets were given an additional "facelift" to see them become one of the last types to be phased out of traffic in the early years of the 2000s, only surpassed by some bubble cars returned to traffic.

Many vehicles saw further use as parcels, sandite and route learning units, and many entered preservation.

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