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Class 111 Met-Camm sets 2/3/4-car DMUs


111 DMU in green

Green without whiskers

The first two batches were delivered without whiskers (but would have the added later). Batch one would be in the darker 'Loco Green' carrying the 'lion on wheel' logo. Batch two may have been delivered in the lighter "Multiple Unit Green", they had the coaching crest (and initially these were handed) from new. The images shows M50136 (and presumably 56092) in Birmingham New Street waiting to leave with a British Industries Fair special to Castle Bromwich on the 6th May 1957. Michael Mensing.

The green lining followed the Met-Camm style having three lines instead of the regular two.

Class 111 in green livery with whiskers

Green with whiskers

Batch three were delivered with whiskers from new, and they would be added to the earlier vehicles, as show in the view of M50136 at Stockport (Edgeley). Stuart Mackay Collection.

By the time the batch three (51xxx vehicles) were delivered the darker 'Loco Green' would by then be again the standard.

Class 111 DMU in green with yellow panel

Green with yellow panel

In the early 1960s vehicles would emerge from works in Loco Green with yellow panels. When treated at Doncaster, they would recieve the revised style of lining matching other DMU types. The image shows a DMBS in the condition in Doncaster Works in December 1966. David Faircloth.

Starting in 1965 the NER vehicles would start to carry the NE prefix.

Blue Class 111 DMU

Rail Blue

I have seen no evidence of the vehicles carrying the short-lived early blue liveries with small yellow panels or yellow cab doors, so standard rail blue would be the next livery change.

This Class 111 has '2M97' just barely visible on the headcode blinds when seen on a rainy day at Goole in 1970. John Law. After the 4-character route indicators fell out of use, sometimes these were painted yellow.

Refurbished Class 111 DMU


Some sets underwent the 'refurbishment' scheme on the 1970s during which they emerged in rail white with a rail blue stripe. An example is E51552, seen on the front of a four-car set at York, date unknown. Stuart Mackay Collection.

Blue Grey Class 111 DMU

Blue Grey with BR logo

Their final livery was blue and grey. The majority carried PTE logos, I found few images of them carrying the BR double arrows. This was one - three car set E51552 + E59106 + E51542 on September 20th 1981 at Sheffield. Gerard Fletcher.

West Yorkshire branded Class 111 DMU

Blue Grey with West Yorkshire markings

Given their operating area they often carried PTE markings. This is West Yorkshire branded E50281 leading away from Hull Paragon on 3rd July 1981. Bruce Galloway.

MetroTrain branded Class 111

Blue Grey with MetroTrain markings

The WY "rose" logo was later superseded by the MetroTrain brand which itself had the WY rose and BR arrows. Red buffer beams seemed to be common in this era. This image shows MetroTrain branded 78972 at Keighley on the 10th August 1985. Bill Read.

Blue Grey 111 DMU with no logo

Blue Grey with no markings

The DMBS in this image (E51541) is not carrying any markings. It is departing Leeds with a 15:35 Leeds - Skipton local service in 1983. Graeme Phillips.

- LMR 2-car
- NER 3-car (earlier)
- NER 3-car (later)
Drivers Instructions & Adverts
LMR plans
Non-Passenger Use

Details about the preserved Class 111 vehicle can be found here.

Many of the works photos are courtesy of the Kevin Dowd Collection.

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