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Class 111 Met-Camm sets 2/3/4-car DMUs

LMR Power / Trailers

M50134 - 7 (DMBS) + M56090 - 3 (DTCL)


The diagrams for all three batches have clearly re-used a standard Class 101 tracing, the underframe layout is clearly wrong and shows the 150 hp engined variant. Overlaying the three DMBS images on top of one another it can be seen they are identical (including the text) apart from number and cab changes.

In addition the the van door arrangement is wrong for batches one and two as the later type is shown, the inward opening door would be on the left on both sides as you face the van doors from outside.

The DMBS was to BR Diagram 520 and the DTCL to BR Diagram 628.
Note the top lamps are missing from the cab views.

BR Diagram 520 BR Diagram 628

Design Codes

The DMBS was DQ 214 and the DTCL DS 312:

Design Code DQ 214 Design Code DQ 214 page 2
Design Code DS 312 Design Code DS 312 page 2

Works Photographs

Rolls Royce

Courtesy of Mike Jones. A letter that accompanied the images, mailed from one company employee to another in April 1957, notes: "...some of them you will you will probably chuck out as they are not really of very great interest. You will note that one some of the shots of the engine there are certain oil leaks showing and it might be better not to let anynoe see these photographs...".

These were probably taken at Met-Camm's Saltley works, and an almost completed 59051 in image WMP7810 dates them to around October 1956, when that vehicle was delivered. I've added my own notes on what they show:

  • WMP7793 Through a floor hatch inside a vehicle. In the centre is the top of the compressor, the ribs to disipate heat. To the bottom can be seen the short cardan shaft / universal joint to the radiator. The pipe with the wire wrapped around it will have holes drilled in it - this disperses the contents of the fire extinguisher over the engine, the wire wrapped around it is the pyrocord, this triggers the fire extinguishers when there is excess heat.
  • WMP7794 In the adjacent hatch can be see the exhaust, the lighter ribbed pipe at the bottom.
  • WMP7795 The fluid flywheel end of the engine. The throttle motor is on the right of the oil splattered sump, the four air pipes control the four engine speeds.
  • WMP7796 The radiator, the short cardan shaft connects the engine to the fan.
  • WMP7797 Just above the exhaust silencer is a heater, its air intake is on the right. The two cyliners are the engine air intakes / filters. Under the words 'Flame Switch', the two small cylindrical objects are fuel filters (a CAV type common on most DMUs). Under the builders plate are the engine start / stop buttons with a socket for an inspection light.
  • WMP7798 In this view the fuel pump can be seen mounted on the engine, the pipes from the top runnning to each of the six injectors. It is directly connected to the throttle motor, which has the four flexible air hoses running into it.
  • WMP7799 M56090 and M50134.
  • WMP7800 Missing.
  • WMP7801 M50134 and M56090.
  • WMP7802 A final drive mounted on a bogie, the input shaft to the top. The white pipe is one of two air pipes to control forward / reverse, the ripped pipe is a conduit for the wires which connect to the cab 'air/axle' lights to show the drive has engaged.
  • WMP7803 A vacuum exhauster.
  • WMP7804 Missing.
  • WMP7805 In the lower hatch can be seen the stop solenoid.
  • WMP7806 A SE4 gearbox.
  • WMP7807 The free end of the engine.
  • WMP7808 DMBS interior, looking from the cab end.
  • WMP7809 DTC interior, looking from the cab end.
  • WMP7810 Drivers controls, which appear identical to a Class 101. Note 59051 under construction on the adjacen road.
  • WMP7811 Both engines can be seen in this view. Looking from the rear towards the cab.
Rolls Royce works photo WMP7793 Rolls Royce works photo WMP7794 Rolls Royce works photo WMP7795 Rolls Royce works photo WMP7796 Rolls Royce works photo WMP7797 Rolls Royce works photo WMP7798 Rolls Royce works photo WMP7799 Rolls Royce works photo WMP7801 Rolls Royce works photo WMP7802 Rolls Royce works photo WMP7803 Rolls Royce works photo WMP7805 Rolls Royce works photo WMP7806 Rolls Royce works photo WMP7807 Rolls Royce works photo WMP7808 Rolls Royce works photo WMP7809 Rolls Royce works photo WMP7810 Rolls Royce works photo WMP7811

Metropolitan Cammell

The first two, DZ161 and DZ162, are of M50135 and M56091 were probably taken on a test run in the Birmingham area (anyone recognise the location?). The third, DZ163, shows the cab of M50134.

Met-Camm works photo DZ161 Met-Camm works photo DZ162 Met-Camm works photo DZ163

- LMR 2-car
- NER 3-car (earlier)
- NER 3-car (later)
Drivers Instructions & Adverts
LMR plans
Non-Passenger Use

Details about the preserved Class 111 vehicle can be found here.

Many of the works photos are courtesy of the Kevin Dowd Collection.

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