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Class 111 Met-Camm sets 2/3/4-car DMUs


London Midland Region

The four power/trailer sets, 50134-7 etc. arrived on the LMR in April 1957. They were intended for the Manchester area, but would also carry out trials on other parts of the Region.

50134/56090 and 50135/56091 were noted working from LO on the 20th April 1957.

Rolls Royce powered Met-Camm DMU

The British Industries Fair services in 1957 were worked by 111s. Longsight sets 50134/56090, 50136/56092 and 50137/56093 worked the Birmingham (New St.) to Castle Bromwich trains from the 6th to the 17th May. The image shows 56092 (with 50137 on the left, 50136 on the right) heading out of Birmingham New Street at 5.39pm on the 6th May 1959 - Michael Mensing. On the Saturday additional services were worked by 101s 50207/56059 and 50208 fresh from Saltley. The 111s were back in Manchester on the 19th.

During their time on the LMR the four sets were allocated to 9A, 9D and 26A, with two sets also spending time at 24F. In April 1966 they were all transferred to the Eastern Region (55H Neville Hill).

North Eastern Region

The second batch (50270-9 etc.) were for West Riding services, the first set (50270/59100/50280) arrived at Bradford Hammerton St on the 31st October 1957.

The delivery of the Rolls Royce resulted in at least eight 101 cars being transferred from Hammerton Street to Darlington on the 21st November. Their arrival also saw the trailers removed from 101 power twins such as 50155/61 and 50156/62, returning them to original formation.

These ten NER sets were introduced on the 2nd March 1958 to a new diesel service between Leeds and Barnsley, and many of the Leeds - Castleford and Wakefield - Bradford services were extended to Pontefract and Goole respectively. That date also saw a daily through DMU working between Bradford and Hull and Wakefield and Hull, and dieselisation of the Huddersfield - Wakefield Westgate connections with main-line trains to and from Kings Cross.

The third batch were delivered to Hammerton Street from December 1959 to March 1960. The buffet cars were delivered to 50B in May 1960.

Neville Hill Opening

In mid-1960 all the third batch left Hammerton Street, 51541-4 (plus partners) to 51A (Darlington), 51546/50 to 50B and the others (51545/7/8/9) to 55F. All then went to the newly opened 55H (Neville Hill) in September 1960. The image shows a set breaking through some tape to officially open "Neville Hill Motive Power Depot, Diesel Multiple Unit Section" in 1960. four sets (51541-4 plus partners) went direct from there to Hamilton (66C) until the end of the year.

One set (50284 + 59105 + 50274) spent a month on loan to 40A in 1963.

The arrival on the LMR sets at Neville Hill in April 1966 was a trade for four Class 101 power trailers (50203/6/8/28 56055/8/60/80) which moved to Chester.

By the end of the 1960s all the batch two vehicles had also been transferred to Neville Hill.

In December 1968 50281 + 59101 + 50271 were transferred to 30A, followed in May 1969 by 50280 + 59100 + 50270 and 50282 + 59102 + 50272, then 51541 + 59569 + 51551 in June. They were transferred back to Neville Hill late 1970 / early 1971.

The buffet cars initially work with the 1959/60 sets but later they were used in Class 101 4-car sets, and either TS would work with either class.

- LMR 2-car
- NER 3-car (earlier)
- NER 3-car (later)
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Details about the preserved Class 111 vehicle can be found here.

Many of the works photos are courtesy of the Kevin Dowd Collection.

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