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1. Position of Schemes still to be submitted (Cont'd)

The general position in regard to other schemes still to be submitted was considered and it was noted that these were progressing satisfactorily.  In certain schemes the present postition was reported as follows:-

Nottingham - Leicester - St.Pancras

Timetable approved in principle and proposals being costed.

Derby (Mid.) - Sheffield (Mid.)

Some delay in preparation due to necessity for negotiations with Eastern Region.

Skipton - Lancaster - Morecambe

Provision of fuelling facilities at Carnforth in hand between D.T.S. and C.M.& E.E.

Broad Street - Tring

Mr. Lawrence stated that on further consideration of the type of traction for these services he felt that electric stock would offer definite advantages over diesel multiple units by the creation of greater flexibility and utilisation outside the peak periods.  It was appreciated that such electric stock would require to be dual AC/DC either locomotive-hauled or multiple units and the Chairman said he would ask Mr. Robson whether dual electric stock was a technical possibility.

2. Allocation of units being built at Derby and by Contractors

Revised schedule of allocation attached as Appendix 'B'.


1. Buckingham - Banbury Services

Noted that the question of a subsidy for bus services was being dealt with by the General Manager.

2. Bedford - Hitchin - Northampton Services

Noted that the proposal for the withdrawal of the passenger service on the Bedford - Northampton line had been submitted to the General Manager but had been passed back to the D.T.S. for further information.  Every effort was being made to submit the proposal to the August meeting of the Area Board.

Noted that the proposal for the withdrawal of the Bedford - Hitchin service was proceeding.


Minutes of Sub-Committee held on May 31st, 1960

Noted with the following comments:-

Minutes 857 to 862 - Diesel Locomotives for the Midland Lines

The Chairman stressed the necessity for the early submission of schemes for maintenance and fuelling of diesel locomotives on the Midland Lines and asked for all Departments concerned to deal specially with the matter.

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