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1. St.Pancras Suburban Services (Cont'd)
(a) Moorgate service (Cont'd)

been established consideration would be given to their more intensive use.

(b) Diesel Parcels Vans

Noted that one van had been returned to traffic and the second expected to return shortly.  Owing to incidence of works holiday modifications to two remaining vans had been delayed.

Mr. Gould stressed the necessity for these to be returned to service and Mr. Stanley will look into specially.

2. Watford - St.Albans Service

Noted that the use of the 3-car A.C.V. units as staff trains between Annesley and Bulwell was still under consideration.

Mr. Lawrence said that he had received a proposal from a private firm for the use fo the units as an exhibition train and this was now under consideration.

3. Traffic Receipts

Statements of receipts for March, 1960 attached as Appendix 'A.

Minutes of meeting of Departmental Representatives held on May 2nd were discussed and it was agreed:-

(a) Receipts details embodied in the submissions for authority for future schemes and in the statistics for the Committee to be compiled on the following basis:-

  (i) All local to line bookings, or the appropriate proportion thereof attributable to the scheme.

 (ii) Appropriate proportions of all bookings between pairs of points which are influenced by the introduction of the modernised service, of which one point of each pair is located within the area of the diesel scheme.

(iii) Appropriate proportions of all bookings between pairs of points outside but passing through the area of the scheme which can be readily identified and are influenced by the improved services.

(b) The decision in (a) to be applied to schemes in course of preparation so far as this is possible without delaying the submissions.

(c) Receipts statistics of each service will be required by the Committee, comparing steam with diesel until a full year of diesel operation has been completed, after which the provision to the Committee of such statistics may be discontinued on the understanding that the figures could be extracted if specially required.

(d) Statement of comparable receipts to continue to be prepared on a monthly basis.

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